Bloody and his cigarboxguitar

„It's amazing what you can get out of the boxes..“ 


New Project and first single release: Brothers of the Bloody Catfish!

New Song: "Mary's Love" 

""Mary's Love" is a spontaneous blues track created by Bloody and his Cigarboyguitar, inspired by a walking bassline that popped into his head during a quiet moment. Adding some drums and rhythmic cigar box guitar, the atmosphere of a smoky pub with the enchanting Mary at the bar was born. Let yourself be transported into the underground and enjoy your whisky until the sun rises again. Let the journey begin. We'll see you there. Thank you for your likes and kind comments. - Bloody


Immerse yourself in the unique soundscape crafted by Bloody in this original Cigar Box Guitar (CBG) solo, drawing inspiration from the chord progression of the iconic "Maggot Brain." This composition takes a fresh approach, with all instruments and ethereal choir vocals skillfully produced by Bloody himself excepts for the drums.

The journey begins with a vocal passage reminiscent of an industrial engine, gradually transitioning to a same hihat rhythm. The CBG takes center stage, introducing a mesmerizing chord progression accompanied by a fundamental CBG Bass walk. The atmospheric ambiance is enriched by a three-voice choir, setting the stage for the soulful solo on Bloody's CBG named "LeChuck." ( 4-strings, Humbucker, tuning D A D F#) 
Powered by a Friedman Amp and enhanced with a carefully adjusted wahwah pedal, the CBG produces a distortion-rich tone that is truly one-of-a-kind. To add a final layer of depth, the CBG sound flows through a delay in the send return. Special guest and drummer, Mr. Stéphane Pacini, lends his talent to the composition, bringing dynamic drums into the mix. Thanx Stéph!

In line with Bloody's vision, the accompanying video is deliberately simple, allowing listeners to focus on the essence of the music. Picture yourself watching a vinyl player, a visual that mirrors the concentration required to fully experience the sonic journey. If you have any questions or need guidance on playing this piece, feel free to share your thoughts in the contact form. Let the music speak and captivate your senses.

About Bloody


Bloody is the classically trained multi-instrumentalist. He began his musical education at the age of six at the Conservatory of Music and Art in Luxembourg with  cello being his first instrument. After successfully completing his studies, he moved to Brussels at the age of 17, where he quickly immersed himself in the music scene, having discovered and mastered the bass guitar.
He returned to the conservatory in Luxembourg to hone his skills in jazz. Over the years, Bloody led and performed with numerous bands including Merlix, RadioDaze, Fixfire as well as Albatross Rodeo. The "CigarBoxGuitar World" was an accidental discovery and as is typical of Bloody, he dove in headfirst, built it and perfected his craft, mastering the instrument well beyond its blues roots. The rest is history. Bloody released a new EP as a solo project, "Bloody And His CigarBoxGuitars."


New Project in collaboration with Captn Catfish: The Brothers of the Bloody Catfish. Single release on Youtube and Bandcamp of our first song " A Sun is Born"

Playing not only blues with a CBg seemed to be a challenge at the beginning. But for several years now, one of his bands "AlbatrossRodeo" has been showing that you can also play very good dark rodeo rock on the boxes. If you are curious, then have a look at the AlbatrossRodeo songs.

Currently, Bloody is working on a solo looping project (Bloody and his cigarboxguitar). Back to the roots of blues/rock, he tries to get the best out of his self-made instruments and a looper.
But just check out his Youtube channel for yourself (Bloody CBG).

Bloody's CBGs

Bloody has been building his own instruments for several years under the label CBG's TEN15.
Most of them are 4-string instruments. Anything over 4 strings is a "guitar" for Bloody - smile
You will soon be able to see a selection of his CBG in the gallery.

Bloody and his cigarboxguitar

History of the Cigar Box Guitar

The cigar box guitar is a primitive type of guitar made from a cigar box and a few strings. Its history dates back to the early days of the blues, when musicians from poor communities didn't have the means to purchase expensive instruments. 

To make a cigar box guitar, musicians simply took an empty cigar box and attached a few strings to it. Sometimes wooden sticks or rods were used as a fretboard, while other times the strings were strung directly onto the box. Despite its simple construction, musicians were able to produce a range of sounds and playing techniques on these instruments that influenced the blues and other music styles. 

Although it is not used as frequently today as it once was, there are still musicians who play the cigar box guitar and keep its tradition alive. 


The exact origin of the cigar box guitar is unclear, but it is believed to have originated in the United States in the late 19th century, when musicians in poor communities started making their own instruments due to a lack of access to or the cost of commercially produced guitars. The earliest known reference to a cigar box guitar dates back to the late 1800s. 

The cigar box guitar gained popularity during the Great Depression of the 1930s, when many people could not afford to buy expensive musical instruments. Musicians would use whatever materials were available to make instruments, including cigar boxes, broom handles, and wire. 

The cigar box guitar played a significant role in the development of blues and other roots music styles, as musicians used it to create their own unique sound. Its distinctive twangy tone and simple construction made it a popular choice for blues, jug band, and country musicians. 

Some notable musicians who have used the cigar box guitar include Bo Diddley, Blues legend Lead Belly, and country musician Hank Williams Sr. Today, the cigar box guitar is enjoying a revival, with many musicians and luthiers building new versions and experimenting with different designs.